Get fresh with stunning new features

You need a refresh for your existing presence?

e-commerce and Integrations with your ERP, social media or life chat?

Take a glance at the possibilities of our 'Booster' package.


Get fresh with stunning new features

Your online presence is a bit long in the tooth?

Fresh it up with a new responsive design for tablets and smartphones and get ready for your mobile customers.

Present your website, extended with additional functions, as an app in all app stores.

Convert your static pages do a dynamic appearance and take advantage of countless expansion capabilities.


With a wide range of technology experience we will find a cost-efficient solution to protect your former investments and gather the most of your precious work.

The difference briefly explained 

A website or web portal for offering and purchasing your products is an onlineshop.

Handling the selling procedures and processes as ideally integrating enterprise ressoure planing software, and further internal procedures aswell as online-Marketing is summarized within the term e-commerce.

Together with you we develop your e-commerce strategy and analyse your existing procedures for an ideal entrance into, or expansion of your e-commerce.

At the same time we offer a full-value software package which allows you to capture the online market in a cost-efficiently way using sensible expansion steps.

Let your customers partizipate! 

Be available online for concerns and desires.

Take advantage of the possibilities of merchandising your products virally.

Should it be an expansion of your internet presence into social media via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, the integration of a live chat module for advising and supporting or using online-surveys and idea-contests with your customers to improve your products?

We go along with you from selecting the right components untill succesfully implementing your strategy.

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